The Unequalled SIGVARIS Difference

SIGVARIS is the global leader in Graduated Medical Compression.

Medical Emphasis
At SIGVARIS, we focus on the well-being of people. We specialize in the prevention and treatment of veno-lymphatic disorders through medical compression therapy. Compression therapy is a natural, non-invasive form of treatment that has been used for more than 50 years. Our products are designed with one focus in mind: Improving quality of life for the wearer. That’s why we say we give LIFE FOR LEGS!

Manufacturing Quality
Our manufacturing standards lead the industry to ensure the highest level of quality throughout our entire
product assortment. SIGVARIS is certified under the ISO 13485 standard to ensure consistency in quality and medical efficacy.

Meticulous Construction
All SIGVARIS products have spandex threads which are double-covered, giving improved durability and comfort against the skin. The covering on the spandex also reduces friction between the skin and the stockings, making
it easier to apply and remove SIGVARIS garments.

Made To Fit You
SIGVARIS new Athletic Recovery Sock offers an expanded sizing assortment suitable even for larger athletes. The Athletic Recovery Sock is offered in 4 women's sizes, ranging from shoe size 5 through shoe size 14, and 4 men's sizes, ranging from shoe size 6.5 through shoe size 17.

More SIGVARIS Products For Your Leg Health & Wellness

We are the Leaders in Preventative and Medical Compression Socks.

SIGVARIS has a wide assortment of socks and hosiery for everyday use to prevent tired, aching legs or swollen feet. View our catalog or visit our main SIGVARIS website for more information.