The Advantages of Dri-Release and FreshGuard

drirelease®: online sports betting The Fastest Drying Performance Fabrics
The patented, unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers in drirelease yarn actually accelerates the water release rate of SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks. Rather than just spreading moisture across the surface, drirelease fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment, releasing it into the air faster than any other performance fabric on the market. And with FreshGuard® embedded into all drirelease fabrics, every performance sock we offer delivers unmatched odor control as well.

DriRelease Cotton

Key Points of Dri-Release Cotton

Here are just a few ways drirelease with FreshGuard keeps you dry, cool and comfortable:

>> 85% polyester / 15% cotton

  • >> Dries 4x faster than cotton and keeps you dry

    >> Soft and natural to the touch

    >> Wicking qualities won't wash out

    >> Resists pilling and wrinkling

    >> Won't discolor with perspiration

    >> No annoying static cling

    >> Virtually neutralizes odor

    >> Environmentally friendly without harmful chemicals bet sport online


drirelease Is Patented For Performance

Dri-Release Natural Fiber

drirelease with FreshGuard® offers a patented blend of 85-90% hydrophobic/synthetic ("water-hating") fabrics and 10-15% natural/hydrophilic ("water-loving") fibers. This intimate combination works together to efficiently grab liquid away from the skin and push it to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. That's why clothing made with drirelease always feels soft and always stays dry.


Permanent Moisture Wicking

Dri Release Moisture Wicking

Ironically, the nemesis of most wicking fabrics is water. It's true. Chemically-treated performance fabrics lose their ability to wick away moisture over time with each washing. Not drirelease. Our moisture-transport system is built into the yarn and delivers everlasting wicking that won't wash out.


Neutralizes Odors With FreshGuard online sports bet
FreshGuard is an odor neutralizer that is embedded in all drirelease fabrics. It eliminates odors in garments by blocking odor-causing sebaceous body oils from attaching to the fabric – also stopping the attraction of odor-causing bacteria. Not an anti-microbial or anti-bacterial, which attack bacteria that possess positive functions, FreshGuard is friendly to the environment.


Unlike other products, which use a topical anti-microbial finish, FreshGuard is a process that is built directly into drirelease fabrics and doesn’t come out in the wash. In fact, all FreshGuard engineered fabrics are put through standard ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) wash tests, which include 50 washings. In each of these tests, FreshGuard products emerged untouched.


SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Socks: Tested and Certified

As part of the quality control and testing process, all products that bear the drirelease® and FreshGuard® logos must withstand rigorous, performance testing and receive documented approval from Optimer, Inc. laboratories before attaining certification and entering the marketplace:

>> Horizontal Wicking/Absorbency Tests (AATCC-79)
>> Pilling Tests (ASTM-3512)
>> Colorfastness/Wet and Dry (AATCC-8)
>> Dimensional Stability (AATCC-135)
>> Stain Resistance
>> UV Protection Tests


In road races, triathlons, and multiple consumer tests, drirelease beats cotton and the leading performance fabrics for comfort when wet or dry. And drying-time tests prove that drirelease dries 4x faster than cotton and as fast as or faster than the leading performance polyesters. Yet, while it performs better, it still feels like cotton.


DriRelease Performance Results

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