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Athletic Recovery Socks: How, When and Why?

Introducing The SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock
A growing trend among competitive athletes is sport betting tz the use of compression therapy socks to help improve their athletic performance. Compression therapy is a hot topic in sports media right now as a growing number of triathletes, marathon runners and professional sports athletes are trying compression socks during performance to improve their results. Whether it’s during the actual event, after the event, or even while traveling, sport betting tanzania athletes are making graduated compression socks part of their everyday attire.

SIGVARIS, the global leader in graduated compression garments, introduces the first product of the Active Therapy collection: The Athletic Recovery Sock. The Athletic Recovery sock helps to flush out the lactic acid built up in the leg during exercise, relieving tired, aching legs and exercise-induced muscle soreness.

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More SIGVARIS Products For Your Leg Health & Wellness

We are the Leaders in Preventative and betting in tanzania Medical Compression Socks.

SIGVARIS has a wide assortment of socks and hosiery for everyday use to prevent tired, aching legs or swollen feet. View our catalog or visit our main SIGVARIS website for more information.