Athletic Recovery Socks: Medical Evidence

The Science Behind The SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock [15-20 mmHg] sports bet online
A number of medical studies support the belief that wearing medical compression socks or stockings can reduce recovery time and improve athletic performance. A partial list of relevant studies is included below.

Leg symptoms of healthy people and their treatment with compression hosiery, W Blattler, N Kreis, J Winiger and F Amsler, Phlebology 2008; 23: 214-221. Abstract: We evaluated the prevalence and nature of occasional leg symptoms like feelings of heaviness and tension in subjects with no history or signs of venous disease and investigated the optimal strenth that medical compression stockings should exert to alleviate the symptoms and to prevent leg swelling. Conclusion: Medical compression of 15 mmHg effectively relieves the symptoms, prevent oedema and are well-tolerated. Keywords: venous insufficiency sports betting online, occupational disorders, compression therapy, medical compression stockings, randomised controlled trial

Effect of compression stockings on running performance in men runners, Wolfgang Kemmler, Simon Von Stengel, Christina Kockritz, Jerry Mayhew, Alfred Wassermann and Jurgen Zapf, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2008; 1-5. Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of below-knee compression stockings on running performance in men runners. Conclusion: Stockings with constant compression in the area of the calf muscle significantly improved running performance at different metabolic thresholds. Keywords: aerobic, compression, lactate threshold, running performance, stockings

Compression garments and recovery from eccentric exercise: A 31P-MRS Study, Michael I Trenell, Kieron B. Rooney, Carolyn M. Sue and Campbell H. Thompson, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine [2006] 5, 106-114. Abstract: Compression garments have been sugggested to reduce muscle damage and maintain muscle function. This study investigated whether compression garments could benefit metabolic recovery from eccentric exercise. Conclusion: Compression garments may alter potential indices of the repair processes accompanying structural damage to the skeletal muscle following eccentric exercise allowing a faster cellular repair betting. Keywords: magnetic resonance spectroscopy, muscle damage, muscle metabolism, rehabilitation

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